Thesis Proposal Info-Slide

It’s the semester (yet again) for another round of Research Methods in Architecture. Here’s one of my slides for the class showing and briefly explaining the different parts of a UST-Arki Thesis Proposal.   People ask me what I do for fun — sometimes, it’s this. Advertisements

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Writing my Thesis Book

I’ve been saving all my writing energy for my thesis. The past year felt like I was looking out, but not really. The patterns are beautiful, I can see that light — but I can’t really see what’s out there. It’s been a beautiful 2017 but I’ve kept myself focused for this thing. Length of […]

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Boxing in Filipino Architecture

This is very first UAPSApan video (out of three parts?) by this year’s batch of the United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxillary. I was invited along with other co-faculty, to talk about Filipino Architecture. How exciting, right? Now I know it’s a touchy subject that’s always seen as an argument without a definitive answer […]

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Upon graduation: What now?

Everyone asks this question, but it’s one that doesn’t have an easy answer.. because it’s essentially personal and LIFE DOESN’T HAVE A MAP. Unlike the structured environment within the world of academia, life after graduation is like being presented all possibilities all at once. It’s tough to decide on where to start (and that’s called […]

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