My teaching strategies

I was asked by a fellow college professor about my teaching strategies (thru IG stories). In this blog post, I’ll be explaining my teaching strategies and some insights gathered in my (almost) five years as an educator in the tertiary level. Architecture has a specific knowledge base that needs to be framed well across all […]

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The Post-Graduation Speech

Yesterday, I finally graduated from the University of the Philippines with a Master of Interior Design degree. In this extra long post, I am pouring my heart filled with gratitude and happiness with everyone. It’s June 2018 and I really do feel like a whole new person since 2011, 2014 or even version 2017 of […]

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Passion in Arki

We’re now into the second week of our Mid-Year Term and I thought about finally getting a post out there answering your questions in long-form. I think I like having a Curious Cat account for people who’d want to ask me their burning questions anonymously. Passion is a tricky thing, especially if you think everything […]

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Thesis Proposal Info-Slide

It’s the semester (yet again) for another round of Research Methods in Architecture. Here’s one of my slides for the class showing and briefly explaining the different parts of a UST-Arki Thesis Proposal.   People ask me what I do for fun — sometimes, it’s this.

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