The Pinto Art Museum

I’ve always wanted to go and visit The Pinto Art Museum. Today I got a chance to do so since my cousin had to go on a Sunday for a school plate. Could I just say: it’s so cool that you get to do shoots for a plate! Anyway, it’s a good thing I had […]

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What’s a good Concept?

Last Saturday, I was invited to talk to our graduating students on How to Sell their Design through a Concept. This blog post is somewhat a gist of that without the thesis challenge. Now that you know what’s the difference between a Concept and a Design Philosophy, let’s discuss the following: makings of a good […]

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Relevance > Complexity

I hate it when I read unprofessional bantering/ complaining at different social media outlets as to who should build/ design/ sign documents. Where there are still bounds of laws, ethical standards and moral obligations as a professional, how are we to respond in a shifting market? This one would be quite a long post. I’ve tried […]

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A Reading List

One of my past students messaged me recently about books I could recommend for a student. As I thought about it, my profs for architecture-related subjects before didn’t really have a list of books we were actually required to buy. If it wasn’t for my mom who had her own collection, my brother and I […]

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How to make Project Objectives

The Design Cluster recently changed the way our senior classes go about their Major Plates in AD: they’re left to do their own design brief by just supplying them with a title. I know it’s not exactly revolutionary but I’m finding it to be beneficial for students who are going to be doing their own […]

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