Thoughts: Post-Thesis Delibs

It’s been two years since I posted about my first-time jury duty jitters. Being a part of the panel isn’t really something I truly enjoy, except when I actually see a project being presented with such gusto. It’s like I have to play a part, depending on what the situation calls for, I can be […]

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Building your Working Bibliography

For my Research Methods in Architecture (RMA) class, we’re starting to write Thesis Proposals. As I’m going through my class list, some of them still haven’t found “the one,” their chosen topic for their Thesis. Now I know it’s a lot of pressure to pick — especially if it’s something you’re going to be stuck with […]

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The Difference between a Design Strategy and a Design Consideration

If you look at where these two are positioned within the diagram below, you should already have an idea how the Design Consideration and Design Strategy are related. There are some aspects of the Concept Sheet that some students misunderstand. These two in particular, the Design Considerations and the Design Strategies, get confused/ blurred into […]

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