Dinner with the Dyosas: Paskuhan Night

We missed Carla last night :<

Ok so everyone dreaded the traffic that Paskuhan and the UP’s version of it would make… but honestly I think I live in a different dimension where it’s just the Araneta Ave causing the traffic :))

Well pretty much everywhere we wanted to eat was packed, closed or up to their ears with orders SOOOOOOOO we decided to go to Welcome Rotunda for BURGER KING. Ok I cannot even think of the last time I ate there and IT WAS AWESOME. ONION RINGS NOMNOMNOM rofl. The fuck I didn’t give about the calories was evident with me ordering a CLASSIC STEAKHOUSE :))

Oh look it’s a notebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Time is not a thing for friends.

You just pick up where you left off =]


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