Yes, this is a food post!

If you haven’t tried Paire out yet…just do! No I’m serious. They’re this little place near Timog (Cocoon Botique Hotel) and they serve you heaven x2! Thing is your dessert comes with alcohol (well you can ask them not to spike the cocktails but what fun would that be right??). You can pair it with milk tea if it makes you happier..or just order both haha! It’s sure to leave a smile on your face! It’s a nice place to bond, get together without the noise of a bar. Yes, they serve beer here!

Isn’t it obvious this one’s my favorite??

(It’s basically cheese with spinach with the sparkling lemon white wine aka cheese and wine combo “A Fine Paire”)

I’m still wondering why they don’t serve Macarons yet but they said they’re perfecting it still. I’ll wait for the day to taste em pistachio flavored ones.


HOLY WAT It’s finally BREAK!!


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