I generally have that feeling that this year is going to be better.  I find it improbable that the world would end this year (Oh goodness, please not anytime soon) as evolution has its process.

As my 2011 was about happiness, this one is going to be of discipline. It’s quite a treat not having to worry about too many deadlines and I don’t have to study for tests. I’ve got all this time and I’d be needing to put them into good use. I’m 24 and I’ve got to start saving up. If I want to control my life, I’ve got to master controlling myself.

  • Food – I basically have this love/hate relationship with food. I have got to change the image of food as my frienemy.  I have to stop punishing myself after a nice meal.
  • Fitness and body image – Thanks to yoga and the Nike Training app, I’m getting to where I want (plus the food issue as mentioned above)
  • Finance – I’ve opened my savings bank account tied to my debit card. Two years of spending on clothes, hair, treatments etc etc got me nowhere in terms of financial stability. I’m learning. It doesn’t mean I have money in the bank, I can go all out on highlights, lowlights ++ rofl.
  • Time – Ok so officially, I haven’t been playing for more than an hour a day. More reading, research and leaning more into my studies. I like balance. I don’t want to be all work. That won’t make me a happy panda!


Everything’s going to come back down


2 thoughts on “2012

  1. Tu-mi-theme na rin ako. Mine is 2012: Preparation. Because I really think opportunities are waiting for me on 2013 and I have to prepare for it.

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