Turfing is not healthy

It’s something I heard in class today. Yes, I am enjoying my night classes immensely. Now, let me get back to this: How law should not belittle your right to your profession.

Let me just say it: I am a Filipino Architect and I’m not happy about this. The politics/ economics/ biases and the like that went into this decision, I cannot answer for. All I know is we still need engineers to build structures and it’s well known that there are a lot of them. However, those who do not understand what an architect does wouldn’t even know what they’re missing. Same goes with Interior Designers and Architects.

An engineer can make a building stand but they are not architects. No law can ever take away the integrity of our profession. Buildings come and go, doesn’t matter how many projects we hold. Our lasting effect on the people, community, art and our profession: that’s what matters.


Professionals: what have we become?


2 thoughts on “Turfing is not healthy

  1. Yeah, this is really depressing. We have so much passion for what we do na hindi na-aappreciate ng general public. LOL pati sa mom ko nagrarant ako about this haha. Our argument is strong naman but she thinks kulang lang daw cguro tayo sa lobbying sa gov’t. Kung sa bagay, all the action that I’m aware of puro sa FB lang.

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