Infovore Post!

As much as I want to drown myself in A Storm of Swords 2: Blood and Gold… I just can’t get myself to log off the internet without news and some more videos. I either go to TED or Youtube.

Now let me introduce to you my two new favorites:

I’ve always had this itch to join one of his tours way back when I was in college but I never got the time to do so… even more now that I have work QQ. Anyway! Here he’s taking us to different places across Manila (so far) and telling their story in less than 15mins. Anything less than 15mins of explanation gets my vote. It’s well researched plus his voice is actually nice to listen to.

World History + science + great graphics and script. Now we’ve got something useful, awesome AND FREE!

How beautiful it is that technology is used for more than 9Gag. Yes, get off that site. Do something useful with your time and enjoy the links 🙂




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