Isn’t Grad School awesome?

and no I’m not being sarcastic. There’s a bunch of topics that we failed to touch on during undergraduate studies! I wouldn’t have been able to know Neovernacular architecture during the Marcos era was a means of nation building.. and that the Manila Film Center was designed through the golden section (it was built to be the Parthenon of the Filipino Arts) I K R. So much information, so little time.

Good thing I was invited to see Revisiting Modernity an exhibit by the NCCA

works by Ar. Leandro Locsin

 The Golden Age of Filipino Architecture aiming to cater to the Great Malayan Nation

Now I want to get my hands on these books to see the original structures as they were!

  1. The Marcos Revolution
  2. Tao: Humanism at Work in Filipino Society, published in 1979

Too bad I’ll miss the discussion on Thursday 😥 I’ll be seeing the Chinese Pandas then.


As stars wane and die, new ones burst into the skies to become the new inspiration and guiding force of the Filipino.


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