Now I’m part of the entourage!

Beijing, China In History of Architecture classes, I was used to drawing structures on drawing paper for submission. All the while, I was thinking: YES! FINALLY! I can have nice perspective shots of these buildings (because stock photos on the internet at the time were quite sucky and lacked details). Oh. Did you know Beijing literally means the “north capital?” (Nanjing being the south capital). More nerdiness at the bottom of this post.

Drei, JL, Jeff, Shiela, Lily, Vince, Tricia and Ivan holding the camera
What goes up must come down via Toboggan drift
Because it looked like the safest thing to ingest! I did try a scorpion tho 🙂

because we thought it was fun!

Snow at the Great Wall. Bird's Nest. Ming Tomb. Lama Temple. Summer Palace. Temple of heaven.

If you still wanna see some more photos, click here.

Nerd Alert!

I couldn’t say I disliked my stay in Beijing. It was awesome, really.. minus the part where english-speaking locals would ratio in at 1:10. The cold wasn’t for me but the planning and architecture that sewn itself in the city fabric is just awesome. I definitely felt the nation-building efforts in the place-making of this city as it instills the “Beijing Spirit of Patriotism, Innovation, Inclusion, Virtue.” I guess there is always a need for balance (Feng Shui/ yin&yang) in this part of town and this is why it works.

Photo credits:  Ivan and JL Joble


A four cheese garlic pizza sounds good right about now.


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