Milk tea: bad.

Earl Grey Milk tea is so good. I know..

I never knew until a good month ago that I gained so much weight due to this little “healthy” drink. I’ve been drinking the extra large one and look who became extra large. I’m not kidding. It kinda broke my heart that something so good stabbed me in the back!

So I decided from now on, I’m not going to let myself drink tea with cream milk, pudding and whatnot. Just tea. No cream milk, no sugar. Just. Tea. Like how the Chinese do it haha! YES! Wintermelon tea is just as good without the milk. My Tita Elaine hooked us up a punch bowl of this last Sunday and I’m so thankful she did because I really wanted to have my milk tea fix so badly.

BTW, this cream milk they’re putting makes the milk tea more of a bag of sugar than a “health” drink. Yes, it’s a warning.. unless you’re with super hyper metabolism.

Yes, it's yummy. A moment on the lips, forever on the hips!




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