Trust me I’m an architect(?)

I’m not even sure if people know what we actually do. What exactly gave architects a mandate to design structures that creates places for and by people… when generations ago, there had been architecture without architects. Well, we’re the generation that doesn’t live in caves and stilts anymore. I believe it’s evolution.

According to Bill Hiller, Architecture arises when:

  1. There’s a systematic intent within obedience in tradition
    • This means the designer knows the technologies present, the architectural vernacular s/he is innovating from and that s/he fully understands the reason behind the design.
  2. It has been sucessfully built behind a reason
    • This structure now becomes a tool in which you pass on culture through artifacts. You’re basically screwed if you pass on the wrong traditions or spatial configurations.

Are the so-called “architects” of the day worthy of this responsibility? Are we innovating or are we just replicating? Are there any traditions worth imparting for the generations that will inhabit these spaces? Will we allow these impersonal depictions become the architecture that defines our technology? Do our spaces and places reflect our identity? If so.. did we become so cold, so sharp and so mindless?


It’s all relative.


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