Consider this: What is green in building?

So you think living on this planet is all that green well..not since we learned to build.

  1. Space : Needs to be prepared.
    •  excavated/filled/flattened, reinforced which means we need #2
  2. Materials: Need to be sourced.
    • Cut, sanded, quarried, crushed, exported which creates #3
  3. Waste: man-made.
  4. Repeat the process for the progress of human development.

Most probably, the location of your workplace/house used to be something else. A lot of subdivision developments used to be rice fields. Now put the dots together for a second and ask yourself why the Philippines is currently importing rice instead of exporting it.

Now think about this: When people get faced out from this planet, the Earth will flourish. Peg: Angkor Wat

Care-takers of God’s creations? Really? Not since we learned money is awesome. When we get startled by the scale of development, that’s when we see the impact in one blow. Come on, every house built, every school built ..every development means putting a scar on this earth.

Sustainability = Let’s just try not to make it too obvious.


So you think your crap smells better? It still stinks.


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