Yes, it’s June!

Ok look that statement wasn’t made with such happy tone mostly because I hate the enrollment process in UP because I lost my I.D. case some two weeks ago.

Anyway, I believe it’s somewhere lost in the forest. I vaguely remember it being in my bag. I have this organized chaos going on so I made myself buy a new bag and shoes and organizers.

Fastforward to today:

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to the new Architects who passed the June 2012 ALE!
  2. I finished enrolling myself in two subjects for the semester. I’m very excited for ID241 in particular!
  3. Paid for my UP ID (and no, I’ll be waiting ’til the lines clear up)
  4. I’m back to WoW since I can’t have dancing and school in my schedule.
  5. Exercising by means of learning choreography in youtube
  6. Lots of projects for finishing o.o
New CHE-tea room windows 🙂 Analok Aluminum with colored glass!
Scheme 1 will never be the final scheme.


Oh what I’d do for you to pay in kind.


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