The Art of Mr. Mandy Cruz

St. Jaques Building

If there’s one person I wished Blueprint Magazine or some other Filipino Publication would feature, it’s him and his work. I have seen how this man would turn an unapreciated corner into a masterpiece. It is art in play, always on the next level.

He’s a simple guy. From him comes the most amazing interpretation of honesty in material and composition I have ever seen in the Filipino setting. His definition of what Filipino Architecture and art would shake your own belief system. Being around him is very inspiring. It’s like anything is possible.

He talked about sewing wood together with metal. I think this man is a real artist. His thought process is truly of a sculptor. You ask him of the budget and estimates and he’ll answer: how will I see what I haven’t see yet? He’ll turn useless stones into treasure.

Just a simple wall that he tore down
He used the cement that he tore down to make the benches

No, I cannot explain his works in its entirety. I’ll just leave you with some pictures in the hopes of what little I can show you can eventually inspire you to shake the foundations of your interpretation of what Filipino designs can be.

Birds he had used for a fountain

So why haven’t you heard of him? He works silently. He doesn’t make his art and publishes it into a website. This is creativity without hoping for fame nor fortune. He’s not like that. That’s why I’m so proud of him! ..and this is why you have to know Mandy Cruz.

Mr. Mandy Cruz

Pictures were from him. (He asked me to scan them and I just fell in love with it..made a post out of it)


He’s never afraid to be copied, because he works on the next level.


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