Growing up and growing old in style

Design and Construction of a 4-level Residential House; Built 1992
This is one of the earliest works of my Dad

One of the perks (or headache) of working in a 20-year old+ company is knowing how well your work stood after years of constructing it. I’ve seen this house as a kid and saw how it grew with the times. What’s amazing with this house is that it has gone through a lot of changes. With all these changes, our company was there to renovate/ repaint/ add/ repair. It’s still in great condition!

Side note: notice those protrusions giving an illusion that the roof is being held by curved wooden posts? Well those aren’t wooden, nor are they posts. Those are bent bituminous pipes aka downspouts!

I still can’t get over the fact that I’m now involved in repairing/renovating it. The owners Mr. & Mrs. Brockman renovated the upper left portion of the facade to make a sun room (of course we warned them of the tropical heat!) but proceeded with it anyway. Recently, they called us up again to cover the sun roof and convert this home office space with a formal roof complete with insulation. (I’ll supply pictures after it’s done.)

The outside just tells you a little bit about this house.
A recent shot taken (it was a gloomy day)

Do not get me started with the space planning, garden and interiors of this house. I’m just so excited to see the new space we allowed them to create inside.

That feeling you get when everything works out in the end♥
We recently installed WPC decking installed

They wanted to enjoy the space even when it’s rainy. They do have quite an amazing view from here.

I’m so glad to work with a couple who are happy with their house even after 20years of living in it.

Tirad Pass, Ayala Heights

Simple elegance


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