Enjoy the preservatives

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Just a quick update for both designers and clients:

Design is a process with an educated intent. It follows standards, codes, laws of ergonomics, anthropometrics, physics, LOGIC.. etc. It’s basically done with a technical base while making it look beautiful/appealing.

So when anyone asks a designer to render their services, it’s not an overnight thing. (Well at least not for me.) It would take revisions on revisions.. add to that the client’s revisions. At the moment when it becomes numbing to the senses, I stop.

A study I made for a low-cost housing.

Design is an artistic process too. I want to be enjoying it. I’d like the client to enjoy this process with me.. and when you look at the work, it’s like a delicious entree where you can taste a chef’s love and hard work put into the dish. What more when it gets built?

However, if you wanted a pre-made out of the box microwave oven dinner.. that’s another story. Enjoy the preservatives and the cardboard taste.

There’s nothing wrong about ornaments. I believe it’s the salt and spice. I’d like to answer the whys with a purpose, not because it’s just for effect. The meat should be the star, not the condiments.

Allow an idea to germinate


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