Art inspires each other.

I know most people have seen decorative plates hanging on walls or displayed on shelves. What if these told you a story? Not just any story but a “Pabula” or a Filipino Fable. Ok. I have no idea how and when to start this project so I picked a spot and started working.

So first I bought some inexpensive little ceramic sauce plates
I had no idea it was this hard to handpaint on ceramics o.o
You know that story where a girl turned into a pineapple because she didn’t use her eyes in finding things? Cool story.

Anyway. I have no idea how to make this happen smoothly haha! Creating a pattern freehand without rulers with a paint that easily dries. Hmm. Help? I’m thinking of using golden paint. Which I think would be exponentially expensive BUT oh-so awesome!

Transferring culture in a more concise (hopefully beautiful) and easily accessible manner is my main goal here. The problem with getting inspired to do something is learning another art from scratch. I do hope it turns out well in the end. I’m still trying to find awesome metaphors in the Filipino setting.

Goodness me. I should be doing this paper.


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