Site canine

One of my most favorite things when I’m visiting a work site is seeing our dog/s! They’re so sweet and gentle but not when they’re in the presence of people they don’t know. Right from the gate, Pinoy would say hello then quietly go to his spot near the stocks. He’s a gentle giant. They’re all askals bred from our site in Cainta or from the first company dog, Darna. She’s the mother of Zorro, our house guard/pig. Pinoy and Zorro have the same mom that’s why a lot of our dogs look alike.

Photo from c/o my brother
Our newest addition to the pack is Boglee

In Calaca, there are three new-ish dogs: Ding, Dong and Belle. They’re with the super mother Darna. I’ll post a picture of them when I get a chance to do so. FYI, Darna is the fiercest bitch ever♥ I think she mothered 20+ puppies (and counting!)

They seem to understand what we’re saying


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