That last vacation of the year

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to Palawan. The very first time I went to El Nido was some five years ago with my family. Now that I have the means and the company to go back, I grabbed the opportunity with a little reservation. We all wanted a redo since it’s typhoon season and the waves were crazy at the time. Good thing the sun showed up on the second day of our stay there.

If you guys didn’t know, I love to kayak! I onced kayak-ed myself to unbearable pain during our trip in Bohol once. haha! Anyway, since I have these allergies with salt water, I flexed them rowing muscles and saw a lot of dead corals. It wasn’t such a pretty sight. In fairness, we weren’t able to visit the prime snorkeling spots because of the weather. Good thing the view above the water is so picturesque. There are some small lagoons you can explore and more! It’s still quite awesome. The natural feel of El Nido is worth visiting. I’d rather stay here than Boracay.

Kayaking to the Small Lagoon

My superpower should be pleasure without consequence


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