When it rains, it pours!

At the office, we’d always say that it’s better to get headaches because we have projects … and not because we barely have any. Today was one of those hectic days and it was awesome! It feels good to have accomplished a lot. A day in the life of my boss would be indescribable. We have been blessed with a fruitful 2012 (and counting!)

Did rounds in the south projects then hurried to Taft for the initial Punch-listing. So many things to learn! If only I can do everything all at once and absorb everything like a sponge. I’m so blessed to have an awesome mentor. Hoping to learn more every single day.

So many details to be done! I’m left alone in the office to do all the Manila-based shop drawings and details. Challenge accepted! With grad school pa on top of everything, I’m trying to compartmentalize my life as hard as I can. I want to see my friends.

If only I knew what I was in for today, I would have worn some weather-proof shoes.

If I even get to half of what my dad knows.


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