Bored? Not in my vocabulary.

If you were in my shoes

Compartmentalizing my life has been quite a challenge especially within the past two months. My life basically revolves around school, work and home. A tiny pinch of social life. Thanks to social media, I can peep through my friends’ accounts to have a bit of online conversation.. just like a long distance relationship.

Not that I’m complaining a lot. I wanted this. However, I do miss having some more time for exercise, writing and art. I do have a lot of ideas which would take me far away from my daily routine. I’ll have time for everything else eventually. Until then:

  1. my ceramic art would have to wait.
  2. I’d have to buy some frames for this idea I have
  3. I have to look for my paper punchers

Who’s bored? I’m never bored.


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