Updating my online themes

I am forever biased to black. It’s simple, and it’s not a color. It’s the absence of it. It represents space, an expanse, the unknown and the blank canvas that a willing student of life is willing to always add on to. It’s perfect for me and almost all of my things are black. It’s like my default.

Creating my very own logo has been a long process of editing and removing all the frills. I’d always want something more elaborate but in the end, it turns out that the most beautiful is one that has least lines but the most meaning. It’s duality is awesome. Formal and informal, Straight and curvy,  Beauty and function.. etc etc.. meaning upon meaning on the two A’s of my name.

It’s something that I’d want to keep all my platforms (or almost all of it) uniform. Yes, it’s one of those social media strategies that hopefully would help everyone identify my online content. So there! It’s on my phone and iTouch and I find it quite elegant.

Hopefully this one would stick with me


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