Philconstruct 2012

Can I just begin that today was quite a handful…but I made it happen! Today was scheduled to be my Philconstruct day. Ok there are about three expos we go to every year and well, I’m very happy with the pre-registration process we had with them. Hassle-free and no lines for those who got the invites early.

Or was it the time we went? Ha!

There’s just one thing I would always dislike about these shows: using Promo Girls. Really? Ok I can be pretty biased with this but marketing should be about the product, not the girls.

This style reminds me of UST Beato Angelico Fine Arts

Anyway! It was some 4 hours and we didn’t really rake the whole place through. Another awesome thing about the Philconstruct was that they had an outdoor area for trucks and huge equipment. The guys didn’t really approach me thinking I was an Interior Designer (but I am flattered!).

Design Competition Entry

Exhausting but worth it!


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