When were you the happiest? College.

Not something to get too excited about: I finally got my UST yearbook.

How to?

  1. Go to the Publishing house during office hours on a weekday
  2. Talk to manong guard
  3. Present him with a valid ID
  4. Sign the logbook
  5. DONE!

Everyone’s going to see it anyway.

Personally, I wish I had better make-up and hair that day. They photoshopped too much :< What’s really important to me were the memories my blockmates shared over five years of our stay in school. This yearbook was barely heart-felt. It’s just a collection of everyone’s grad pics.

It’s quite sad going back to UST smelling the same smells and seeing the same things. The people I wanted to see weren’t there. It wasn’t so much of the school I missed. It wasn’t the yearbook I wanted to have. I wanted my college life back.

Even Joli’s didn’t know me anymore T.T

I guess the yearbook is just a reminder of all that


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