Our first house made by hand

Weirdest buy off of CD-R King
Buying parts: 500pesos, Finished product: priceless!

I cannot even imagine building this with JL until I saw his excitement. I miss model-making and all that crap from college but yes, I have to admit it was SO AWESOME! I finally used all my model-making knowledge into this house and I have to say I learned quite a few things with this. It’s no where near perfect but I love the end product. Oh, this model is not like lego stacking on top of each other. It comes complete with mortar and a spatula with all the tile blocks, roof shingles and door arches. We added the chopsticks to reinforce our roof. We also used those for the door. Thank goodness my dad is a packrat. We scored all the chopsticks from our pantry haha!

Some tips off of buying the Php280 model from CD-R King (weird place to find this, honestly)

  1. Replace the mortar that comes with the model. Buy tile grout for some 50php from your local hardware/ mall outlet.
  2. Tacky glue is your best friend. Mix a good amount of this on to the water-and-tile grout combination to make it a thinner and more flexible adhesive material for your mortar. You’ll thank me later. It goes on thinner plus it will stick on better.
  3. Do not follow the instructed configuration. The doors were too low and the tiles do not stack so easily if you overlap them.
  4. You will make mistakes!! Do not be afraid ..unless you used contact cement on it and there’s no more turning back. If you’re not yet sure, use the tacky glue first.
  5. Yes, well you have to buy additional materials like grass powder, paint brush, bbq sticks and whatever else you’d like. Joli’s along P.Noval is still my favorite go-to place for craft and model making supplies.
I still love the character of the house.

It was a true test of patience and a lot of give and take. Goes to show we really do work well together ^^ We’re planning to decorate it for christmas complete with glitters and a tree! We’ll have to add our barn next to the house. Also planning on the second house of ours: the beach house!

Awesome building experiment: passed!


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