Random thought: A touchy subject

In this post, I am merely thinking back on the discussion we had in class today. Interior Designers in the international level are having a hard time defining what they do and how they are perceived by the market/ stakeholders. I am still trying to understand why Filipino Interior Designers demonize or insist that architects are bad guys who are stealing their profession.

Are architects really a threat to the safety, well-being and health of the end users when it comes to interior design? Why is it that in some countries, it is acceptable that even graphic artists/ media celebrities/ other types of designers are able to design spaces? Are architects really the “enemy” here? I am still quite surprised with the relationship between these two professions. Even the word “threat” (to the profession) should not be the case between allied professions.

Some points raised in the class were:

  1. Regulation of the profession is placed so that professionals are there to safeguard the health/ well-being/ safety of the users. It’s also there to separate the trained professionals and other designers.
  2. A license does not make the professional good at his job
  3. Technical training is quite the same (ID and Architecture)
  4. Not a lot of Interior Designers want a Masters Degree
  5. Not every designer is experienced (especially in detailing)
  6. Interior Designers’ fees are pricey compared to Architects (in the Philippines)
  7. There is a shortage of teachers in ID education and a lot of architects are interested in taking a Masteral degree on Interior Design.

I have heard of “making yourselves inevitable” in the market and I guess architects are doing the same. Everybody can do it (well, personalization of a space is a normal and free thing to do).. should everybody do it? Apparently everyone’s a designer nowadays. Celebrities can now put their name brand on to decor/ design.

Maybe it’s a question of creativity and a perception of beauty. I mean why not? If you were to choose between a decorator and an architect.. which is better equipped with detail, design and a well-versed vocabulary of spaces? We may not have a subject on the “history of furnishings” but are we really endangering the end-users when architects also design interiors?

As designers of space, shouldn’t we be able to understand each other?

Architects are NOT “exterior designers”


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