That Speech in my head

About seven years ago, I was invited to talk to highschool students about how my Alma Mater helped me in my College life. How would you really appreciate that when you’re in your Sophomore year?

Ever since then, I kept on rewriting the speech in my head.


First let’s get my profile as a high school student circa 2001-2005:
I thought I can only be one thing or the other. I was a performer in grade school for the drama club so I thought it was that or anything on-stage: dance sing or act. I could also paint (not that awesome though. I just got average to high plates in art class). Basically I didn’t really excel at anything, I was just in the middle. I wasn’t cool or anything. I had cool friends though. I thought everyone was my friend even if they’re really not behind my back. I was bullied and I danced to my own beat. I guess I was born in the wrong era of cool haha! I had friends. Which was awesome. I jumped from group-to-group without any stereotypes. I was okay. I wasn’t brilliant.

Extra-curriculars were more important to me because it gave me purpose. I thought that was who I wanted to be: on-stage/ court and performing. It taught me discipline and leadership. It showed me what friendship was and how to get hurt and still smile after being hit on the face at dismount. I was a cheerleader.

Whatever. I read my posts when I was in high school and it’s just not the person I wanted to be. Although I could say I am quite far from the person I wanted to be (from my point of view twelve years ago) but I’m happier and more comfortable in my skin now.

Everything in between 2005-2012 changed my life and the way I saw the world. I believe that point of my life was just a silly intro to a beautiful chorus. You can’t really finish a song without going through the first parts right? It sets a beat, the chords and tempo. Everything else can change.

Going back to that speech, let’s get to it:
How High School helped me to become great in college (and as a professional!)
  1. Do not put yourself in a category. 
    1. It’s okay to be an artist and a writer. I guess now it’s the “in-thing” to be the ultimate shashie/ multi-tasker.
    2. I do think I am a nerd. I get good grades because I study hard. I’m not that smart but I make up for it in effort.
    3. I may not be in Student Government then but I did become Secretary of the College of Architecture Student Council.
    4. I didn’t have training in technical drawing but I can say I excelled in Architecture school. Anything is possible if you focus and work hard for it.
    5. I’m an extrovert who is claustrophobic. Does that make sense? I’d rather stand in front of the stage than be a spectator in a concert.
    6. I played World of Warcraft as a Rogue/ Priest. I wasn’t the best rofl but it doesn’t mean I don’t have a life. I quit the game but I want to go back. Pandas are awesome.
  2. I had awesome teachers. They inspired and pushed me to become a better person. I recall a lot of my batchmates becoming teachers themselves and myself included. No matter how strict our upbringing is inside this school, you’ll eventually thank your lucky stars you studied SHSQC.
  3. Highschool helped me become a leader. I leaded a lot of groups back in highschool. Responsible Teams, Chem labs, Batch choir and dance teams. The key thing to remember is that the best leaders are great followers/ members. You don’t have to be the best to lead. You just have to be able to inspire and take control. Nobody likes a bossy leader although I have to say I can really be strict.
  4. Performing made me more confident. Not only about myself but how I present. Talking in front of a crowd, speaking with superiors, making mistakes and acknowledging a job well done. Everything in moderation of course. Never go unprepared. What is there to be shy about when you know your thing.
  5. High School was hard but it’s all worth it. I was surprised how easy college was except the thesis/ design parts. Tests were easy to handle and my ability to memorize and make study guides helped me a lot. Grace under pressure and the ultimate multi-tasking. Balancing school and extra-curriculars was a breeze. I did get some social life. I wasn’t a deprived kid. I enjoyed college immensely!
  6. My communications training started here. Somewhere during English week, I attended a talk that inspired me to get better at writing. One speaker advised us to start writing on a Diary. Our Language classes and sulating pormal made an impact with getting better at it. Someone also said that writing is like a muscle. The more you practice, the better you become. Still, there’s a lot of room for improvement but my technical writing can kick some ass.
  7. High School boys are not the men you’d want to “be with.” Bleh. These are not the template for all men out there. They are not the only male human beings out there. You can do better. Seriously.
  8. Most importantly: Always view the big picture. Everything I just told you were the positive list. It wasn’t all smiles and happiness. There was a whole lot of drama during my highschool life. It wasn’t such a pretty picture. I could say it was an amazing  filtered pond with lots of different fish. Blow fish, piranhas, shrimp and beautiful colorful ones too! It doesn’t matter how hard it is now but how you’ll get to that big picture in your head.


It took me years to figure it out but that’s why you’re in highschool: to figure things out.


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