Haircuts and Spaces


Random Thoughts


You know I love metaphors. Here’s one for the day: Haircuts are like Spaces.

You know how we pick glamorized versions of reality as a model for something we all know doesn’t look like the real thing when we start actually living with it? It’s like that moment when you think: “Wait, I don’t wanna take a shower yet after my stylist blowdried my hair to perfection.”

Can’t we choose from a real-life look of everyday hairstyles so we won’t set ourselves up for a hairstyle fit for Victoria Beckham and live with a fly-away, buhaghag version of it? It’s like how our spaces are when Architects/ Interior Designers/ Stylists are done with a space. It’s not going to look the same.

Or should it really be like that in order for us to choose spaces/ hairstyles:  That we buy into a perfect idea before we settle into the ordinary?



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