Eggshells on plants: why?

Eggshells on plants

Sometime last year, we were driving along Sauyo Rd from a project and I noticed houses putting eggshells on their prickly plants. Ok ok, I’m not a landscape specialist but you know what: it got me. I noticed some more of these in normal households and I know my dad uses egg shells to fertilize the soil, not the leaf of the plant.


  1. I thought it was used for aesthetic purposes because somehow it looks like flowers (from afar.. when you squint at it)
  2. They said it was to transfer nutrients from the eggshell to the plant
  3. The eggshells serve as some kind of protector when you’re watering/ tending the plant.

Quite funny but still, I think it’s catching on. Is there a scientific basis for this? Hmmm


Yeah well, you can really use eggshells as a legit fertilizer in crushed/ liquid form mixed in soil.


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