Correction please: Fil-Hispanic (houses), not Antillean (houses).

Not that it’s sad that I’ve been taught a wrong term. It’s just the eye-opening information I’ve read and learned. Let me just clarify some things about the bahay-na-bato.
  1. It has European and Chinese influences adapted to the climate, topography and culture of the Philippines. Clearly not purely European/ Mediterranean. It’s Filipino.
  2. The greater part of the ancestral house is influenced by Chinese traditional houses, rather than the Spanish. (Fernandez, 2011) Seriously, you have to read this one. It’ll shake your HOA 4 foundations.
So lucky to have met my brother’s thesis adviser Ar. Rino Fernandez. So inspired by his work. Swerte ng UST-Arki to have him as a member of the faculty.
Fernandez, R. (2010). Filipino-Hispanic Ancestral Houses: An Examination of their Architectural Form and Influences. Espasyo, 2, 2010, 85-98
Fernandez, R. (2011). Chinoy-Hispanic: The Chinese influences in Filipino-Hispanic ancestral houses. Espasyo, 3, 95-106.

Kindly excuse the watermarks. I cannot find the original ones since these photos are more than seven years ago. Shame. I think my mom has the files.

5 thoughts on “Correction please: Fil-Hispanic (houses), not Antillean (houses).

  1. yes, they keep using “antillian” to describe ancestral houses in western visayas. i wonder where this term came from. entries in english dictionaries say it is an adjective form for antilles, a group of islands in the west indies.

    1. I do believe that the famous “Ancestral Homes” by Zialcita and Tinio changed this terminology in their recent reprintings. Fernandez argued that there are few (or no) similarities between these houses and therefore should not be named as such. Perhaps it was an associative term?

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