Pino at Teacher’s Village

Pino Resto Bar at Teacher’s Village in Quezon City (they also have a branch in Jupiter St., Makati)

Say hi to my mom

Your favorite Filipino food updated (ok, not entirely Filipino menu but the taste is filipinized). Since it was a Wednesday, it’s become this new thing for us to eat out because the boys in our family are outside and it’s like a free day for my mom not to cook and clean for dinner. I told my mom about this restaurant and finally she agreed to it after I told her we won’t order from the vegetarian menu (although I really wanted to!).

Must try: Bagnet Tofu Stack-O with Mushroom Rice. It’s by far my favorite. We ordered also Crispy Hito with Ensaladang Talong (awesome with bagoong rice).

It’s all on reasonable prices and you can have a budget of 150-300 per person. Sulit talaga. Ang lapit pa sa bahay.

Pino Bar and Restaurant


We’ll eat our way to knowing Pino more haha!


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