Global Filipinos on Display post 1: The commute.

This week was really made interesting with Worldbex and Manila Fame happening simultaneously close to each other. Manila Fame was in SMX, Worldbex held their tradeshow/exhibits/seminars at the World Trade. I think it’s on its last day today but I’m really so tired going from the ends of Quezon City to the area.

One side note idea: If only there was a voice over explaining the histories of road names, places, significance, styles during the entire trip, it would’ve been an extraordinary commute.

I rode the LRT going to Gil Puyat from Muñoz station. It was quite a romantic sequence of architectural styles. It’s a nice trip except for the fact that I was like in a glass sardine can. I couldn’t get my camera out. I saw a very beautiful Chinese cemetery (R. Papa Station – La Loma Cemetery), arcaded buildings near the University belt, views of Manila and my favorite part was the Post Office – Pasig River view. I thought: why didn’t we have a series of tours via LRT station. We could stop anywhere, eat lunch at Binondo, end our day at the CCP –roaming around Manila with just stories to be heard.

Manila Post Office (view from the bridge going to Binondo)
Photo grabbed from Carla Sardalla

Getting there 101: A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s when the rich use public transportation.

Quezon City to World Trade Center

Just so you know: the easiest way to get to World Trade Center in Manila is to take the LRT, go down Gil Puyat station then ride those mini jeepneys in blue/ orange. The entire trip would cost you less than P30 one way. Thanks to my friends Mel, Fen and Hawk for giving me awesome instructions to get there!

Quezon City to Mall of Asia

Ride the MRT to Taft station. Go down the exit where you’ll find small jeepneys going to the Mall of Asia. Entire trip cost less than P25


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