Global Filipinos on Display post 2: Lost and found in Manila Fame

What made my day last Thursday morning: I went to the wrong place.

See, I bought an early bird reservation for the Lecture Series of Worldbex. I didn’t even read where it was happening, I just assumed it was at the SMX. The most awesome thing happened. It’s Manila Fame!

SMX Convention Center

It’s a completely different atmosphere vs your normal construction/ building expos. It’s classy and SMX just feels so different. It’s really for export and a lot more foreigners are coming in. I couldn’t help but marvel at Filipino Products on display there. It’s just awesome craftsmanship. I couldn’t take photos but maybe there’s a lot sprinkled on the internet.

I had to roam around fast because I was eating time for the first talk: Economics of Heritage. It’s all good. I basically got the gist during the last 30mins of the talk: Escolta as a BPO center. Quite exciting but if we study Manila as a fabric, won’t we further exhaust the streets/ infrastructure going to and from Escolta? Traffic na nga — mas pinatraffic mo pa. Also, where are you going to park? Unless we assume that all the employees will get there via LRT.


Anyway, more about Worldbex seminars on the next post

Hopped on a taxi to get to World Trade Training Center.


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