Old to new: Visita Iglesia highlights

Ok ok this time we didn’t go out of town and we just did a chill route over the ones most interesting and familiar to us. It’s awesome to find these gems that people kinda take for granted (meaning it’s a normal structure we go worship in and it’s always there so you lose some of the magic of the place because we’re so used to it). Four architects deciding which church to go to made it quite easy to decide where next (and hard to leave the place). Also because of that one church where we had this awesome balut. Sorry for taking the back seat this time, Parish of the Holy Sacrifice.

Mahinhin St. (Mayumi St.), UP Village,Quezon City, Philippines
Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Church designed by Architect `Lindy’ Locsin
I believe the architect’s concept was from a salakot (which resembles the structure from the outside), although I have to say it doesn’t look all too solid because it follows a volute. It wins in some details plus you can really date the building with its materials.
Church of the Gesu, Ateneo designed by Recio+Casas
It looks so awesome at a lot of angles. Walking around and in it was amazing.
Interior Shot
The most surprising church of the night: Immaculate Conception Cathedral. I think they’re doing all the stained glass piece by piece. They’re on to the rose windows and they look charming.
After I was amazed, I looked for anything Filipino..
Awesome detail, awesome colors.
Awesome craftsmanship but le sigh: not so much Filipino spirit in it. The cathedral wins at the interiors. Exteriors: not so much.
What did I tell you? The artist did an awesome job!

One photo I wish I took: the Santo Domingo Church. The arrangement they did for Visita Iglesia was divine. I loved the colors and that it displayed hints of Egypt. It just works. The lighting was awesome as well. I think I can get my brother to send me his picture of it.

So yeah! We finished seven churches at about 12. We didn’t even look at the time. Going home, we’d always talk about how we’d go walking to these churches next time. You know where you can do that? Manila/Bindondo/U-Belt area. Start from UST: GO!

It’s that feeling when you go to somewhere new and look at it for the first time. I wish we all had a restart button for these kinds of things.


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