Strawberry Lemonade: the color of summer!

Strawberry Lemonade



Ok, I just found out that this isn’t really an original idea but it was awesome making a few experiments that worked. Trust me when I say that Artichoke tea and maskovado sugar would taste near samalamig but wasn’t really a good idea. We had leftover strawberry juice and I made a fresh batch of ice cold lemonade. Figured: why not together and voila! Made an official batch the next day.

We’re usually making four glasses (one liter of everything at a time) and here’s how I made it:

Strawberry juice:

Two packages of Baguio strawberries, prepped for juicing + Eight tablespoons of sugar + enough water toward the 1 liter mark then blend it all together. I hate adding ice cubes into my drinks so I freeze my puree overnight.


I usually use the ratio 250 ml (one glass) = 1 lemon + 1 dayap. Yes, we have a dayap tree outside and I find that it enhances the lemon taste in the juice. I guess 1.5 lemons per glass would be awesome. Since we don’t really have an abundance of it, I use dayap heh. I add two tablespoons of sugar (mixed with just boiled water separately). Add some 7 up or sprite.

Alright. These two are ready to drink separately but if you want to put it to the next level: the Strawberry Lemonade


Strawberry Lemonade: 

1/4 strawberry juice (at this point it should be a slush)

3/4 lemonade mix

It’s a dessert in itself! Enjoy 🙂


I loved the colors so much that my summer blooms were inspired by it! Pink, orange and yellow is my favorite combination for summer. Strawberry lemonade may be my most favorite drink ever!


Blooms inspired by lemonade meets strawberries



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