Leisure living and mini vacations: glimpses of the promise

I wanna come out and play..


Yes, well the very thing about being employed is that you give up your summers. Le sigh. I know, I’m grown up and shouldn’t complain but I do miss it! I do want to get a full month to myself and just play. Not rest — play! I’ve always thought about how life can make us all so preoccupied and then I thought: well, this is why we have such a hype on Leisure Living. You want to go home to an escape.

Do not let me start with relating this to spaces because I can say quite a mouthful about it. However, doesn’t it all look so escapist? Maybe this is why we adorn our spaces with shells or dream of living in a cottage. We want to go home to a vacation. Who doesn’t?

That’s what they’re selling all of us. Stripes are in reminding you of boats (who sails in the Philippines anyway?), Interiors that look like beach cottages along with its colors and ornaments and even the thought of summer is being romanticized. No wonder the self-pampering nail spas get you that quick fix of doing something for yourself can actually make you feel better.

I guess that’s what we’re all trying to do: steal mini vacations.


Squeezing in bits and pieces of pleasure because we don’t want to waste time over play.


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