He sipped, I Van Gogh’d



Okay, ok. I forgot to bring my camera this time but I promise you that our visit here was spontaneous. Sip and Gogh has always intrigued us when we visit Capitol GreenStreet. It’s this wine and cheese place that lets you paint! They give you a canvas, unlimited paint and a set of wine w/ pica. What’s awesome about it is: you don’t have to be good at it! It doesn’t matter if you’re a first timer painter or a practiced one.

I never knew painting on canvas would be fun! Yes, seriously we went there without anything in mind. I just started painting. He tried to. He drew a tree.. and I painted over it. I decided I wouldn’t waste his money on something I wouldn’t display in my room. but yeah! We had so much fun 🙂 He said we’ll kill time while he’s drinking wine. It was so much more! So thankful for the experience! I think I should start an affair with painting on canvas.

Sip & Gogh
Photo grabbed from their FB page


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