My space as a process: June2013 update

You know why I don’t really believe those magazine perfect images of spaces without people? It’s because there’s no sign of it being lived in. It’s not messy and it doesn’t feel real! Your very own space is a process. That’s why I find joy in editing my own room little by little with the small budget I’ve got. I found that taking charge of your room is a step towards taking control of your life. It’s an empowering process that is identity-forming. What I’m reading in my school books/ journals are quite true! Thank you, grad school!

Even my office space got its own update this week. I’m thinking about adding flowers/ grass. It just makes the space more comfortable. It’s a pain to organize everything but I always remind myself that: “You are what you do everyday.” Spaces are habit forming and I should start organizing my life as well. It’s not perfect but I can navigate through this mess haha!

My office space at work
My office space at work

It’s a space that enables me to find happiness.


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