My desk: where it all started

The Office Series

My office space at work
Early morning phase
My first table was a makeshift one. My dad didn’t really think I was going to stay for long.. and neither did I. At first I didn’t want anything permanent or display anything personal. It was a mismash of papers, post its, samples, blueprints and my gadgets. I wouldn’t say my current arrangement is the most ideal for everyone but it works for me. The beautiful thing about our setup is that I can actually do something about our office.I started taking control of my spaces this year. Actually, it all started with my bag., then my room (and still in the process of fixing my closet.) I love the idea of a ripple effect. It starts small and I intentionally try and shape my habits into one big training towards being the person I want to be. It’s like editing my job to fit my happiness.

In our own office, we have a budget strictly for office supplies. I’ve come up with my own ways to make my stay more comfortable in my own little table. I’ve used a bunch of things we already have added with the things I intended to be in my room. I also looked for things that we do not use at home and brought it to the office.

I then realized I started being comfortable in my little cubicle. I felt proud and happy when I see it. When I stop and rest for a bit, I’m entertained with the display.
Things I used:
  1. Patterned wrapping paper
  2. Cheap frames
  3. Actual samples from suppliers

It’s as simple as that! It wasn’t so much that I wanted to achieve some sort of identifier. I just wanted it to be workable, organized and beautiful.

Once my professor said: Kung maganda ang lugar, maganda rin ang asal at gaganda rin ang tao.


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