DIY Project 03: Mini faux grass in a pot

Alright, since not all office cubicles have access to daylight, plants would have a hard time thriving. But come on. These babies really do have a relaxing effect to tired eyes. So I tried to find cheap fake plants.

*Ok I didn’t really find anything cheap.*

SO! I asked the sales guy if they had any fake grass. I immediately thought of a mini project and bought a bunch of these finds. Good thing I had a golf ball sized styro in the house. Got those for Php9 for 5 styro balls at NBC. Bought the raffia at Joli’s when we made the brick house.

What you'll need
What you’ll generally need

Let’s now level up from my framed grass powder creations and move on with my recent accidental find: faux grass. I made these as soon as I got home because I just had to do it even if I stayed up past my bedtime.

Given to one of our Engineers
This would say hello to you near our office reception desk

It just cost me a little less than Php200 to make five of these. It really adds something special to the space. Nothing beats the real thing but you know what? With minimal maintenance on these faux plants, I would gladly make some more!


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