Useful ornaments: featuring my new desk for now

Soo I finally relocated and settled in my mini desk in the Finance Department. Yes, I’m finally putting those highschool Accountancy skills to use. Also thanks to my MS Excel basic skills from HS, I can now help with weekly/ monthly payroll! Yes, guys. Architects need to know the money side as well. Nothing beats my experience here! πŸ™‚

This week, it’s all about making my space work for me. Again, we don’t have the luxury of working with a limitless budget but this is the best way to practice! Achieving beautiful spaces just needs a lot of creativity and multi-tasking for your desk.

Label Useful Ornaments

Beautiful things with a purpose.

Your office space first needs to function for WORK (haha) but with all seriousness, I can’t function without beauty. I decided to shell out some Php300 for myself. Think of it as: Instead of having a Caramel Frap and a waffle from Starbucks, I might as well treat myself with this:


I already have that photoframe from my desk before. It’s a Php50 steal from Mandaue Foam. It’s not the best frame out there but hey.. it works. Also bought a ceramic container from Japan Home store for 66 bucks (I think it’s a measuring cup?? It says 3 cups on one side). Aaand faux flowers from Landmark for Php199. Bought a card plastic envelope from NBC (for a little less than 20pesos) and used my left over wrapping paper. I now use those as a blotter/ desk protector. I have a bunch of those lying around.

What does it really look like??

at the back of my photo
Behind the frame: my tissue+alcohol. Behind the flowers: my supplies. Inside the glass: my tape, stapler wire, eraser.

What’s awesome with buying a huge vase with fluffy flowers is that: it doesn’t need water! I can put my scissors/ pens/ etc. in there. I wouldn’t worry about the faux flowers so much. It’s pretty and cheap and it’ll probably discolor after a while but it’s not messy plus it’s maintenance free! I also use those marble samples as my coaster/ paper weight.

It becomes more fun to take care of things that you like. Cleaning/ organizing your desk is not a chore! It’s something you do for yourself. I do it for my sanity.

Again with the ripple effect: Officemates now strive for cleaner, more beautiful desk spaces for themselves πŸ™‚ yay! They also come to our area just to see what’s new.


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