Relish: the good, the not-so good and the bad.

I’d hate to break it to you but I wanted to prove all the bad ratings on the place.. I was wrong. The food is not that awesome, the service isn’t that good. It’s a nice place, yes but don’t go there for the food — or the comfortable seating.

  1. The good: You know those cutesy places that everyone’s gaga over? They have it.
  2. The not-so good: The place is too cramped up for the price they sell their food. It looks classy but the space is obviously not well-thought of. Who places a chair in the middle of two uneven tables?
  3. The bad: my order took so long to get to the table that everyone finished already and my order wasn’t there yet. Hilo ang staff.

Maybe we didn’t try the right food, maybe it was a bad night.. or just maybe we didn’t order the truffle pasta my cousins liked.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend going here. I wouldn’t even try going back.

I wouldn’t normally give a bad review — unless it’s really bad.


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