Vacation well-spent

Call me manang all you want but my ideal vacation is just staying home. I finally got to watch my shows and more! Also got to sort out my notes just before school’s about to start (again.)

One thing I never get tired of is re-arranging my room. I’m getting to a point where I like most of the things in there. I’m not done editing by far! What can I do on a budget, right?

  1. Whenever I want an update, I change patterns. This time I bought one with a black and white chevron from Wrap Shop.
  2. Never stop moving things around until you find the right spot for everything!
  3. Slowly edit your way into a cleaner, simpler life. Really, do you need THAT much beauty products? I know, I’m still in the process of phasing some things out. Patience 😉
  4. Get rid of the things you don’t like and display objects you love!
  5. Put things that have meaning to you and find a way to make it work in your space.


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