Feeding the sight

Random Thoughts

Polemics is such a powerful thought especially now that I’m marinading in its thought process. With social media feeding the monster, our world is becoming a series of images.

I have literally stopped and analysed myself.
It’s true, I do think in pictures. Especially when I’m somewhere nice. Walking, talking and then I see something that would frame beautifully. I’d always think: “Wow, wish I had a camera!”
Whenever I have this kind of feeling, I’d mentally slap myself and just simmer in the moment. I’d try to take everything in.. even trying to widen my eyes a bit more. See I have this thing I do where I try and trick myself that all images captured will forever be engraved in my fantastic memory. Wish I had that Harry Potter version of a memory bank.
The tainted memory is the most exquisite sight

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