January: My life is exercise enough (?)

January 2014

2014: The year of quality.

It’s about the same things like taking care of myself, being happy and well it’s just about getting rid of junk for the year. It’s about spending time and money on things that actually matter. It’s about getting more of what I need vs. what I want. A lean mean machine in most aspects of my life. Good vibes!

  1. Quality Relationships
  2. Getting my money’s worth
  3. Saving up for retirement (yes, this early!)
  4. Mindful consumption of goods (Ok 30% less junk food?? We shall see.)
  5. Ah well exercise. Seriously this one is quite hard to squeeze in.
  6. No more cheap thrills that I’ll regret later on. Except for that 250 mani-pedi promo I got haha! Again, wtf junk food!
  7. Financial dieting because I’m pushing myself for the next five years of frugality.

2013 was a good year of learning. I have reached that happiness and balance in the best way I can. I found refuge in learning and sharing. I have been blessed 🙂

A little drop of happiness to be shared: WHAT IS THIS METROPOLITAN MUSEUM. My AS270 class went there last Friday and it was awesome. If you have time, go there please. I think the Abueva exhibit is still up for another month or so. This place would make you go: Why did I not know this was here?? Php100 gets you in.

If only I can live on croissants


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