What would you do?

Random Thoughts

If you had enough money to live on, what would you do?

I’ve had this question dangling in the back of my head for the longest time. Well, for the sake of sanity and if ever the universe is listening, this would be my list.

  1. I want to spend an hour or two in the library. The best parts of my day happen in the earliest hours. I would always associate it to breakfasts, reading the news and learning. I tried this once, I would love it to happen on a daily basis.
  2. Be in class. It doesn’t matter if I’m teaching or learning. It’s one of the best treats of my adult life. Seriously. PowerPoint presentations or Prezis are my favorite forms of instruction. I know this would come in handy in the future!
  3. Perform. Dance, singing or theater. I cannot live without these for a prolonged period of time.
    1. Theater is one thing I seriously want to get back at. The stage has its pull and well I love being around passionate people.
    2. Every time I attend mass, the songs are always my best way to express my love and devotion to Him.
    3. Well choreography takes a lot of time and well, having someone else think of awesome moves and just teach me a routine or two just makes it so much more enjoyable. Dancing is my first love.. even if I knew singing first.
  4. Exercise. Alright if I had time, I wouldn’t have to stick with the four minute workout. I do enjoy a good hour or so in yoga..or something. Swimming?

See why teaching is where I am drawn towards?


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