Carni..val at Paire (Valentines 2014!)

February is another excuse to eat out! Well that’s for me, really. I’m always trying to get a good deal and I’m so happy to have been able to try out Paire’s new promo: Valentine Carnival Date available only at Groupon. If you’re like me trying to avoid all the traffic and people out on Friday, the deal’s up all month. They really outdid themselves this year by concocting interesting (and surprising) combinations inspired by food served in fairs. So delighted with the whole experience! Buy two coupons for a double date and I’m sure you guys will enjoy a parade of colorful yummy food 🙂

Did I mention fried oreos and ice cream at the end.. and cotton candy???

Oh! For the singles out there, Paire is also hosting another event called “Customized dating for singles” where you’ll be profiled by a professional match-maker and maybe brush up on your dating skills? Meet new friends and who knows diba 😛 She’ll even give a talk. No cheesy pick up lines, promise! Just click the link. Just text me if you want some moral support/ cheering haha!

Flowers make me so giddy♥


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