Art Fair Philippines 2014

I just love the idea of bringing art to the people (ok not super inclusive but generally accessible to those who know and can actually go). You’re even allowed to take pictures except for that lovely Amorsolo and real life tipos del pais which is really awesome in detail. It’s where your National artists are displayed side-by-side contemporary, emerging artists. You get to know new names, styles, images and well a whole new perspective of Filipino talent in visual arts. It’s not a comprehensive list but it’s a start!

Go to museums, make art and expose yourself! There are other hangout places other than the mall. Get inspired and it doesn’t hurt to forget yourself for a bit and look how other people see the world (or another dimension)! Observe how our society make art today.. not from the books. Being in front of actual art piece is quite a powerful experience not to be missed by just scanning at pictures of it over the internet.

Art is a construct and not a universal given. Therefore it can be said that it is a representation of the subjective viewpoint, which is almost always grounded in or influenced by the societal dictates and desires of the artist’s times. As a creative agent, the artist has his/ her own context, history and personality, and position. As a viewer/ observer, this construct is never static because these representations can further change, according to what a particular audience gives to the work depending from where they stand as a person or as a society.


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