Random Thoughts

Art is not a mirror but a version of reality. And if every reality is in existence all at the same time, how is it not a valid thing to have different versions of what is good, beautiful if all of that is subjective?

How then does an elitist view of professionalism work in such a plural world? How can we make an expression of their own personal world invalid?

Just because we’re in a position to create, it shouldn’t incapitate the existence of other realities. Of other people’s version of their truth.

It’s not that we’re being a “screwdriver” of their whims. We’re the mediators of imagination and reality. We’re supposed to make it safe, habitable, logical and enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to translate their dreams into reality. You’re an enabler. It should not be about you, the artist/architect/designer. It’s about them. Always remember this.



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