Managing your finances: Start young, start now.


I was really pumped to share this especially when my bestfriend Liz and I saw each other yesterday and talked about finances. We’re such grown ups huh? 🙂

Alright so we’re in that age when we are enabled with buying power. Yes, finally you don’t have to ask for anyone to buy you things you want. You can just save up and buy it.. right?

No, not in every occasion but that was the case the first six months of working. I had ZERO savings. I did everything, experienced new things, colored my hair three times and changed my entire wardrobe (or at least tried to). I wasn’t proud of it but it sure made me happy at the time.

So when I finally bumped into, I started getting an idea of how much do I need to save and how to get there. It’s from this site that I got my initial information about saving and controlling my finances. I think I stumbled upon them through flipping channels two years ago.


Let me say: It really changed the way I thought, spend and save my money. Right now, I’m on my way to saving up to that emergency fund (6 months worth of living expenses), invested in my short, medium and long term investments. I even got around to buying my tablet earlier this year.

I could say that I’ve really smarted up with the help of the site and I just wanted to share this with you!

Bulletpoint pieces of advice:

  1. Start taking down your expenses so you keep track of where your money goes
  2. Pinpoint spending habits, patterns and try to see where you can save
  3. Visualize your year-end goal with a tangible number. I started with 1/4 of my net salary for the year.
  4. Project your spending (so you know how much to save)
  5. Appropriate funds for: Living, Social life, Leisure, Education and Investment.
  6. Separate your Savings Account with your Payroll Account.
  7. When you’ve got your initial savings plan covered, start investing.
  8. The minute you start working, start saving!


My mama taught me not to put all my eggs in the same basket.


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