Project: House Blessing


I can’t say how proud I am of this one because this is the first actual house I’ve seen from the conceptual stage to its blessing! This house is located in the south for a lovely couple coming back from the US. It has been quite hard with the clients coordinating their revisions via email but it all worked out 🙂 It’s all in the detail, kids. My dad basically professionalized some of my ideas and he made it work. I didn’t really imagine it to become such a beauty. There will always be room for improvement but everything considered, I believe we’ve done this one justice (and a lot of beauty).

I love houses that speak so much about its character. It’s still modern, Filipino and well-ventilated we actually think we’ve kind of over-ventilated haha. Without any bias, I think this house is one of the most (if not the most) beautiful house in there 😉 I can’t wait for it to become a lived house filled with love and care. I bet it’ll go a lot of changes in the future and I’m looking forward to its growth 🙂




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